Rideable bull mount that rams entities and sends them flying

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Rideable bull mount that rams entities and sends them flying

Post by calico-kid » August 28th, 2017, 9:49 pm

flag yourself or players with "bullmount" to get access to the bull summon him by typing "summon_bull" in the chat in game


https://one.denizenscript.com/haste/43886 in case you want a link

type: world
debug: false
on player chats:
- if <context.message.contains[summon_bull]> == true && <player.flag[bullmount]||false> == true {
- execute as_op "npc create bullwinkle --type cow --trait controllable --at '<player.location.add[3,70,0].formatted.citizens>'"
- execute as_op "npc assign --set bullwinkle"
type: assignment
debug: false
interact scripts:
- 1 bullwinkle_despawn
on assignment:
- flag npc rider:->:<player>
- flag npc mobprox_range:2
- flag npc mobprox_timer:1
- trait mobprox
- flag player mount:->:<npc.id>
- trigger name:click state:true
- trigger name:chat state:true
- trigger name:proximity state:true
- wait 1t
- adjust <npc> speed:100
on mob move proximity:
- if <npc.location.facing[<context.entity>].degrees[180]> && <npc.velocity.vector_length> > 0.1 {
- shoot <context.entity> destination:<npc.location.add[<npc.location.direction.vector.mul[200]>]||false> height:35
type: interact
debug: false
proximity trigger:
- ^if <player> == <npc.owner> {
- ^flag player mount:<-:<npc.id>
- flag npc rider:<-:<player>
- fly <npc> origin:<npc.location> destination:<player.location.add[3,300,0]> speed:1.0
- wait 10
- remove <npc>
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