(HIRING) Custom Capture the Flag Mini-game

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(HIRING) Custom Capture the Flag Mini-game

Post by jjwattsrunescape » February 14th, 2021, 9:54 am

I'm the owner of Meticulocraft, a friend/community Minecraft server. We're small and really just for our group of friends at the moment but are beginning to branch out and bring people into the server.

Discord is jjwattsrunescape#2243.

I'm looking to hire a scripter to write a completely customized capture the flag mini-game script.
edit: We're running Minecraft 1.16.5.

We are looking for a competent scripter who knows how to make this script run very efficiently. We have a decent server machine but don't want to overload it with any unnecessary junk. We are willing to pay up to $65/hour for the right person.

Large overview of the script:
- Will function similarly to your basic capture the flag plugin
- Players select a team in the battle-master room, once there are at least 3 people on each team, the game begins (game is cancelled if not enough players join in 60 seconds; once 3 people are on each team, game timer counts down from 10 but is reset every time another player joins)
- All players are teleported to their teams base and given 30 seconds to warm up, then the game begins and they play
- Both teams will have a flag placed in their base and they can either defend the flag from other players or go capture
- Bringing the enemy teams flag back to your base will result in a capture
- Once the score limit has been reached (3 captures), the game is over and the team wins
- If no winner is declared in 10 minutes, the team with the most captures wins.
- In the event of a tie, the team to first achieve the tie score wins (not most recent)
- Players are all teleported back to the game-master room after the match is complete
- We would like to keep records of the wins/losses per player, top 10 captures, top 10 kills, and possibly other game statistics which will be displayed in the game-master room.

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