[INACTIVE] Falling Meteor Particle Effect

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[INACTIVE] Falling Meteor Particle Effect

Post by Ugikie » July 2nd, 2020, 10:13 am

Made it myself.

Hi, I'm Ugikie, owner of ExdsRealms server.

My discord id is Ugikie#3772.

I am looking for someone who is skilled in making complex particle animations, similar to the circle particle generator that has been floating around the discord.

I am requesting a specific particle effect, which can be seen in the GIF below, where a "meteor" falls from the sky, and explodes upon impact. The effect is mostly built up of the SMOKE_LARGE particle, coming down with a sort of trail, until it hits the ground, exploding into a circular shape that extends outwards.. This can all be clearly seen in this GIF:

https://i.gyazo.com/8ee7368f9d62a79b8d3 ... 1aa3d4.mp4

In the gif, the meteor chooses a random starting location about 20 blocks or so above the target location (where the player right-clicked) and then it just shoots down from there. This randomness of the starting location is not necessarily required, but as long as the meteor can come from above the target location just like in the gif.

As for payment,
I am happy to pay around $5-$15 depending on how difficult this would be for someone to create and how long it takes them. I want you to be compensated for your time and effort, so I am willing to discuss the payment, so that we are both happy.

I am looking for someone who thinks they can get this done without taking too much time and effort, as I want it to run very efficiently on the server. It will be used as an upgraded ability for the players, so if multiple people are casting this at the same time, I would hope that it does not get too intensive (laggy) on the server.

This particle effect was inspired by another plugin, which I have decompiled and inspected the code that produces it. Unfortunately, it uses some rotateFunction that I cannot wrap my head around, and its the key aspect to making this effect work as it does.

Here is the code I was able to get:

Code for entire particle effect:

Code for rotateFunc:

Code for rotAxisX and rotAxisY inside rotateFunc:

I'm pretty sure those rotAxisX and rotAxisY functions are doing the same thing that our rotate_axis_x and rotate_axis_y tags do, but this is just so out of my skillset that I cannot make sense of what is happening.

Maybe one of you Denizen pros can figure out what is going on and how to recreate it easily!

Any help is greatly appreciated, and I am always here if you want to discuss details or need more info!

Thank you so much,

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