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(INACTIVE) Script that allows for NPC x to move to Y via console cmd

Posted: January 16th, 2020, 4:36 am
by freakdk

I am looking for a script, that allows the console to trigger the movement of an NPC to certain coordinates through a set path relative to a specific players spawn point.

I have to be able to execute the script from console, which will be done through BossShop, so all of the placeholders are translated before your script reads them.
The script has to be compatible with my placeholders, as the coordinates will be different for each player, relative to their spawnpoint.
I will supply the following placeholders in the console command, PlaceholderAPI compatible,

%npc% = The ID of the NPC I want moved.
%coordinate_x% = Translated to the players relative X coordinate
%coordinate_y% = Translated to the players relative Y coordinate
%coordinate_z% = Translated to the players relative Z coordinate

This would trigger the %npc% to start moving through a predefined path, like this etc.
1 point = world,(%coordinate_x% + 10),(%coordinate_y + 0), (%coordinate_x% + 20)
2 point = world,(%coordinate_x% + 14),(%coordinate_y + 0), (%coordinate_x% + 24)
2 point = world,(%coordinate_x% + 17),(%coordinate_y + 0), (%coordinate_x% + 27)

Hope this makes sense.
Feel free to connect with me through Discord,