(Hiring) Bookshelf Script

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(Hiring) Bookshelf Script

Post by Kiryll » August 3rd, 2020, 8:56 pm

Hey yall!
One of my all time favorite Minecraft servers had a really neat bookshelf plugin that made bookshelves useful and encouraged players to write books. The plugin is no longer supported and I can't find a replacement so here I am!

The Plugin, when shift left clicking with a written book on a bookshelf, the book would go "into" the bookshelf. In this state when people left click they could read the book inside, and when they right click it would tell them the Title + Author. To take the book out you would simply shift left click the bookshelf.

- Shift Left Click a written book to put it in a shelf.
- Break the bookshelf or Shift Left Click to take book out.
- Make it so only the original placer can Shift Left Click a book out, but anyone can break a bookshelf to get the book.
- Left click a bookshelf to read a book
- The book GUI can either instantly open or you can give them a temporary book that cant be duplicated or put into a chest.
- Right Click a bookshelf to see Author + Title, Chat or actionbar.
- Make it so people can only put books in bookshelves they own, Im using towny and World guard so checking whether those players have build perms or something of the sort would be awesome. This is less of a requirement and more of a task that will give you the higher price range.

Pricing: (15-30 Dollar Range)

If this pricing is off lmk.


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