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The Project

Post by @Jay#9393 » September 4th, 2019, 6:15 pm

My friends,

Unfortunately, I have much to put here.

1) General Bugfixes, and some small additions, for “Guardian” Script. I’ll invite you to my server Discord and you can view the Guardian bug reports. None of these are difficult. Guardian was something I commissioned previously.

2) An one-time, as well as, an ongoing (i.e. once an hour, every hour) trade mechanism between both players as well as factions, including NPC players and NPC factions. This should be accessible via a simple GUI menu.

3) Per advice given to me by multiple people, I sat down with my staff in a call and we discussed if the plan we had for NPC factions was the best version in terms of “fun” for players.

We will start with three NPC “factions” that will involve three main characters each for a total of 9.

Each player should be able to receive letters (in the form of a dialogue menu) in which their response is the dialogue option they choose. There should be a positive response, a neutral response, and a negative response.

Positive responses would result in more favorable offers in terms of trades (i.e. they’d pay more for items they request and/or they’re more likely to accept a request from the player/faction)

Neutral would cause nothing good or bad to happen, although the player might have to pay a sum of money to the NPC faction in order for them to select this option.

Negative responses would result In more excessive demands from the NPC faction to be given to them in terms of items/or money, and if the player/faction failed to do so, the NPCs would spawn at your claim/location and attack you. If you die, they take some of your money. If you kill them, they are pacified and offer you a generous deal as an apology.
They should also inhabit 3 permanent locations which the players can attack like dungeons. If the players failed the raid, the NPCs retaliate by attacking like above. If the players succeed, they offer loot and money.

4) An intro-scene for the server that would basically be the player watching a conversation between NPCs. I, unfortunately, have limited details as not everything I need for this is available yet (The building where it'll take place has not been finished).

I hope that's a good enough start.



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Re: The Project

Post by mcmonkey » September 6th, 2019, 2:31 pm

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