(HIRING) Broadcast in cleartext with user discord id

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(HIRING) Broadcast in cleartext with user discord id

Post by nerdlabs001 » April 28th, 2019, 4:30 pm

What i need help with seems insanely complex to me so let me first state what i need. Then what ive tried and where im stuck , Very simply put i need a way to reward users for completing quest. The rewards live on another bot in another channel from global who wants the inputs to come like so .... (trigger) @(Discord or user name) (numeric amount). seems really simple. I also tried to use !specifically! Minecordbot not to be confused with all the other mincords it will broadcast but has a funky syntax thats adding extra information ive pulled most of it out but still no trigger ,, also i will note that the Quest reward bot is reading correctly you can verify this by typing the trigger statement out in chat in Minecraft or in discord

Ive been trying to use https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/quests.3711/ it allows me to set a command as a reward OR use a Denizen script for an event. I do not care to kill this plugin for something else at all since ive not laid out to many quests. Quests offers use of the command <player> its really handy but the issue with it is it links the UUID and rigfully so. To resolve that were using Discord SRV ..https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/discordsrv.18494/

SRV links the UUID to the discordID. It does indeed "seem" to print correctly but will not trigger the quest reward bot upon further review of the github it looks to me like the message is actually being printed as the UUID and then replaced on the discord end faster then you can see it happen. Therefor the print is seen as an edit and ignored by the bot. (unless im completely mistaken)

so where i stand is i just need to get this trigger working I dont care to change bots plugins builds ect ... also be aware were are on paperclip 624 also do not care to kill it also.

one last thing what bots we use is of no concern to me, However there is a security responsibility on my end. If something custom is needed as far as a bot with a json is needed .we have to have it running on one of our servers. Im capable of linux compilers or i can give you ssh to one of our nodes with whatever os you would like .

Ive also contemplated trying to get a bot just to repeat the cleartext with a 1 second delay after the uuid has been translated ..

if there's anything ive missed im loitering in the lobby or hiring room a few hrs a day anyone whos interested and capable please let me know its holding up a lot of other things and for myself i would need a few more weeks of free time to understand this scripting ..for example announce, narrate ect i can not figure out how to ask the help bot in the room for all the possible variables .. and i wont have free time till this projects off my desk ...chicken and the egg . i think my trubles are also perhaps connected to the syntax of minecraft vrs the quest plugin vrs Denizen give that monkey a banana this stuff complicated

were are looking for not just help with this but most likely passive help in the future we are about 3500 members strong as the server evolves and we have keep an decent average people online at all times were going to want to improve user experience. paypal's fine with us bitcoin, rupees, nuts and berries.... whatever

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Re: (HIRING) Broadcast in cleartext with user discord id

Post by mcmonkey » April 28th, 2019, 4:39 pm

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