Mwthorn's Scripts (Over 500+ scripts) (Towny/Faction/Creative/KitPvP/Skyblock/Prison/Practice/UHC/MiniGames/RPG/Custom)

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Mwthorn's Scripts (Over 500+ scripts) (Towny/Faction/Creative/KitPvP/Skyblock/Prison/Practice/UHC/MiniGames/RPG/Custom)

Post by Mwthorn » March 28th, 2019, 4:30 pm

My username is Mwthorn and my discord is Mwthorn#2843. I have worked with Denizen scripts for the past 5 years. I have worked with various Minecraft networks with player-base of around ~300 players online and around ~50000 registered players in database. Over the past years I get a few script requests here and many are quite fan of my work and meta I have brought to inspire many servers.

In the past I have made the following:
  • AI to NPCs for mini-games (CTF/KOTH/DUEL etc.)
  • Jackpot/Casino/Coinflip/Roulette Systems
  • Tools used by various professional builders (Mirror-Build, Player-Worlds, Schematic-Randomizer)
  • Plot-Based plugins (Each plot having their own permissions, inv, economy, plugins etc.)
  • Automatic YouTube/Twitch Livestream Dectector (with Chat bots)
  • Many MANY MANY more (About over 500+ scripts) (Survival/Towny/Faction/Creative/KitPvP/Skyblock/Prison/Practice/UHC/MiniGames/RPG/Custom etc.)
For a demo, you can find some of my previous work here: ... ch/Mwthorn
However some of those scripts might be outdated so if one of those scripts have caught your interest, I can show some premium versions on a test server I have made for previous servers.

I also offer my service of installing any purchased script, setup and verify that it works as it should.
The price can vary from $10 ~ $60 USD depending on the amount of features and complexity of the system. Example could be a smart coinflip system would probably be around $10 since its not requiring much setup and pretty much plug'n play. Scripts like Livestream Dectection can easily go up to atleast $50 due to its complex setup and features it covers.

I offer a fair life-time support for users who have purchased any of my services. You will be offered a invitation to my Discord server that allows you to contact me directly and access to updates. You can also contact me directly though discord Mwthorn#2843

In terms of trust and safety. I suggest following the safety steps from: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=156
I don't have much of a review record so I do hope this post can become a start. In the meantime I am pretty known in the Danish community for my Denizen skills.
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Re: Mwthorn's Scripts (Over 500+ scripts) (Towny/Faction/Creative/KitPvP/Skyblock/Prison/Practice/UHC/MiniGames/RPG/Cust

Post by mcmonkey » March 28th, 2019, 4:36 pm

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