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(HIRING) Looking for a tutor scenario

Posted: April 7th, 2021, 6:25 pm
by egirl_spanker
I am Tanner. I'm looking for a somewhat experienced scripter that would be available to help me accelerate the learning process of scripting with denezin.
I am some kind of stupid with not much time on my hands so I am willing to pay people to walk me through the process of converting my gameplay ideas into scripts. Ideally I would like someone with capable english speaking skills and someone who would be open to doing discord calls with screenshare. I am not interested in paying someone to just write scripts for me I'm more after some sort of tutor session so I can faster reach a state where I can depend on myself. I am open to discussing appropriate payment (time, or session based) not here to waste your time! DM me on discord if interested, I am mostly available tuesdays/wednesdays (off days)

discord - Tanner 🌵#7512