[INACTIVE] Helmet cosmetic script

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[INACTIVE] Helmet cosmetic script

Post by Ksudee » April 5th, 2021, 12:41 pm

Discord is Ksudee#6515

Script will take a players helmet (i.e. leather helmet) and copy attributes and NBT tags onto a leather chestplate which is placed on as a hat. (I use leather chestplates as hats via oraxen). The command should have a variable to specify the CMDV I wish to use. Lastly, I need the hat to revert back to the original helmet when being clicked from the inventory. I need this saving of hat appearance to be reliable in respect to logging out, dying, or changing worlds. In my offer I would like to include free fixes for duplication bugs.

So the command I vision is /appearance PLAYER_NAME 6.
The 6 is defined as the cosmetic data value.

If you are a plugin dev, I currently have this custom plugin already done, however I just need the hat appearance to save while changing worlds, dying, or logging out. I am content with either a denizen script OR a plugin dev to revamp my current prototype of this.

Budget: 45$ for denizen script, or the plugin addition can be negotiated as it is a quicker process.

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Re: [HIRING] Helmet cosmetic script

Post by Mergu » Yesterday, 2:21 pm

Completed this, have been paid in full and haven't heard any complaints

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