TLB is HIRING a medium (?) skill gui scripter

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TLB is HIRING a medium (?) skill gui scripter

Post by chrismwiggs » March 13th, 2021, 11:04 am

Hi, hello! I'm Chris and I run a small network called the Last BlockBender (it's Avatar the last air bender themed, and has a pig for a mascot!)

My discord id is chrismwiggs#4011.

I'm looking for one of two things here; I have a suffix selector script (maybe a year old now, originally for 1.15 and many Denizen versions ago) that takes a yml list of suffixes (just simple text strings) and auto-populates a GUI based on what permissions the player has (each suffix/entry has a separate permission node). When a gui option is clicked, the player is given a luck perms suffix based on the option they chose. It used to work wonderfully, but since updating to 1.16.5 and denizen 1.1.9, it now no longer works and is beyond my knowledge of how to fix it.

I'm looking for someone to either troubleshoot and fix this existing script so that it works as intended or to write a new one that does the same job. The important thing is to only show the gui options that the player has permissions for, which is where I can't find something similar out in the wild.

With either option, I would also like to make sure the GUI is paginated; it currently is not but we have 100+ options these days, so it would be nice to have pages!

I can, of course, provide the script for anyone who wants to take the job, but I'm not 100% certain about including it here as I didn't write it (and wouldn't want it to come off as distributing it!). Happy to share more if there are questions though too.

I have a reasonable budget for this but am not sure how much work updating the script really would be (or really how long a new one would take). If we're to go based on the hiring guide, $30/hr is no problem (paid via Paypal Goods and Services, as recommended).

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Re: TLB is HIRING a medium (?) skill gui scripter

Post by jumpsplat120 » March 16th, 2021, 6:55 pm

Discord ID: jumpsplat120#0001

I worked with chrimwiggs to write the suffix selector gui script. He was thorough in answering questions about the script and had a good solid concept of what he wanted, making it easy for me to be on the same page. Even though I ran into unexpected time delays, he was cordial and understanding, and was flexible during the process. The review went smoothly, and the payment process went through with no fuss. I'd be happy to work with them again!

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