(HIRING) NPC Guide Needed

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(HIRING) NPC Guide Needed

Post by ProfMag » February 23rd, 2021, 1:32 pm

Hi. I'm Professor Magoulo -- you can call me ProfMag or Mag for short. My discord is ProfMagoulo#9847.

I've been spending COVID building a server with my kids and we're about to launch it to their friends+. We need a NPC guide script like the one mcmonkey demos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clKyS2mZ9PU

We'd like to hire a scripter to write the script for the guide NPC that welcomes new users to our server. We have some big plans for using this server for gamified education.

We have our own server with Shockbyte running Paper 1.16.x. We'll provide IP and access later.

This is probably a medium skill level job, but since this may lead to more development work high-skill level coders are welcome to counter-offer. We will pay over PayPal according to the terms suggest on this forum. We are willing to pay $25/hr (job rounded up to whole hours) or more for a faster coder who can demonstrate particular expertise. Pro-level coders are welcome to counter-offer with a fair flat rate. We think the script will take 1-3 hrs and we'd like up-to another hour of demonstration about adaptation and implementation over Zoom or similar (for example, what if we add anchors or change dialog text or adapt for another guide? We've done the basic tutorial on Denizen, so we won't be too big of a pain in the rump to talk to.).

Our guide NPC (Judi) will:
- stand ready to greet players at the world spawn.
- on click will offer players a tour (Yes/No).
- this will spawn a new NPC only visible to the player to give a tour along a path (original NPC will disappear for player, but not for next arrival)
- Judi will wait for the player if they fall behind
- At some anchors, Judi will have something to say. The player's view will be directed by look.
- At a few anchors, Judi will pause until clicked again, waiting till player completes an action.
- At the last anchor, Judi will give a drop, then appear to return to the start point at the world spawn.

This script will also need to:
- Make sure Judi's chat is localized so as not to spam entire server.
- Handle cases where the player logs off.
- Handle cases where Judi is waiting for a player, and the player has lost interest and left.
- Hide Judi from players that wander into the area.

We would expect debugging and updates included, but would pay for all additional features or later changes after delivery and payment.

If you need more info, please let me know. Full details after agreement.

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Re: (HIRING) NPC Guide Needed

Post by Cloudshadow » February 25th, 2021, 12:14 pm

My discord ID is CloudShadow#1254
I have written the guide script for Professor Magoulo.
I was impressed by the level of detail of the requirements for the script and when asked for clarification on a few points he quickly replied.
His time assessment was correct and it took me 3 hours to finish the script.
When reviewing the script he was friendly and paid via paypal after the demonstration.
The process has been smooth and i would definitely work with him again.

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