(HIRING) Clickable Conversations & Instance NPC Movement

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(HIRING) Clickable Conversations & Instance NPC Movement

Post by otto » June 20th, 2020, 12:38 pm

Hello, I am Otto, the Owner of AvernaRPG, an in-development MMORPG (among other things) server.

My discord id is Otto#7774 I am available in #scripter-hiring on discord.

What we need:
I am looking to hire someone to make an interactable NPC. When you click the NPC it will say some text, it will have the option to click YES, NO, or CONTINUE in chat depending, leading to further text or a command. Commands must be runnable on these options (From console or sudo OP).

Once a certain command is run the NPC will walk to a nearby configured location. This movement must be Instanced, so only that player sees the NPC move. Once the NPC reaches the location it runs a configured command. The NPC must reset itself for the player after around 15 seconds or so.

Additionally, the NPC should have some sort of green icon/particle above it to indicate it is interactable.

Our budget is around $45-50 (If this is low let me know and I can up this), I am willing to pay a fair amount more if this is made into a script editable in-game, meaning staff without file access can setup NPCs with these above options.


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