(HIRING) Simple Questing Setup for Citizens

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(HIRING) Simple Questing Setup for Citizens

Post by ZNChano » June 6th, 2020, 5:29 pm

Hello, I am Chano, the Owner of Zenith Networks. A WIP Network with our Current Gamemode being SkyBlock.

My discord id is Chano#4198 | Please @ me in #scripter-hiring if Interested!

We're looking to hire an NPC quest scripter! I have a current setup in mind and I have absolutely zero experience with Denizen Scripting, So all I require is kind of a Template so that I can continue to add quests to our system after you have finished.

We require roughly low-medium skill level here (you gotta know how to write scripts but we won't ask you to do anything crazy), and are willing to pay either a one time payment or payment per hour over paypal to scripters that are able to work at a fair pace. I have a budget of around 20-40$ however due to my spending currently.

Our idea is roughly as follows:
- Zenith Networks has a Questing Hub on their SkyBlock server called "The Cloud"
- They Warp to this and Choose from Two Clans
- The Quests they do and the rewards they get is entirely based off the Clan they Choose
- (You do not have to worry about the Clan system, I already have that figured out)
- (All you have to do is make a few Quests and make sure they have a permission behind them, so I can give that permission to the clan Group)
- The Player clicks on the Leader of the Clan and a Dialogue begins.
- The Leader says something like "Hello there Traveler"
- And I am not sure how Dialogues work, but I would like there to be a little dialogue, then the Leader asks if you would like to join their clan
- If Yes, it gives the player the Clan Group (I already have this done as well so Do not worry about this)
- From there, the player can begin their Questing Journey
- The player then navigates to their first quest-giver (Which the Leader tells them about after they join the clan)
- That Quest-Giver then gives them their first quest
- That quest would be something simple, like the Player must bring them an item to complete the quest
- After they Complete that quest, it would give the player a reward and instructions on how to navigate to the next quest-giver for their next quest
- then it repeats but the quests get harder as they go on

I can give you the full details on agreement.
I will be willing to let you do more work if my balance is high enough and if you would like to after this first job.
Thank You!

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