(HIRING) Looking for an experienced scripter for multiple scripts

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(HIRING) Looking for an experienced scripter for multiple scripts

Post by raffle2 » May 27th, 2020, 4:31 pm

I have a batch of scripts I would need an experienced scripter to work on, I made diagrams for each script to show exactly what I need, I hope it's clear. Here's an imgur album for all of them:


Either pick one script or all of them. Obviously I'd rather work with just 1 scripter for everything since I might have a second batch of scripts afterwards, but I don't mind working with multiple people.

As for price I don't really know the usual rates, but we could by batches in terms of complexity I'd say it could be something like:
  • ceremony - 40 euro
  • lumberjack - 40 euro
  • warband - 100 euro
or if you prefer by hourly rates, honestly I don't really have a limit, specially if it's fast but just be reasonable.

Please ping me on #scripter-hiring my discord is raffle#8888 if you want to discuss it.

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