(INACTIVE) Simple Gatekeeper NPC Script

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(INACTIVE) Simple Gatekeeper NPC Script

Post by Dystify » May 23rd, 2019, 12:58 pm

EDIT: Script has been made by WaterQuarks. Thank you! Topic has been marked as inactive.

Script for Citizen NPC using Denizen on Paper MC 1.13.2

Contact on Discord: Dystify#7850

About me
I have basic knowledge about Denizen scripting and have been able to write my own scripts but I'm very early into it still. By getting example scripts such as the one I'm paying for I hope to learn more about scripting.
If it goes well I'd likely ask for more scripts later on (paid, of course).

About you
  • You are hopefully an experienced scripter who is confident in their abilities. :) The script should ideally be kept as short as it needs to be to do all I'd like.
  • You may leave placeholders for any narration in the script.
  • If possible I'd like you to be able to state how long this will take approximately and make an offer for the cost. (More info below)
Payment Info
  • I use Paypal.
  • I got most of the script to work with my limited knowledge so I don't think this'll be hard to do for the hopefully experienced scripter I'm trying to hire.
  • I'd like to go by the $15 per hour the Hiring guide mentions, personally. But you can of course make an offer.
The NPC is a Gatekeeper/Guard and does the following:

Part 1:
- Fully heals player upon right click. 30 second cooldown
- Tells random narration every right click (out of ~4 text options). (Such as "Hi, player." or "Stay safe!")

Part 2:
- If attacked will send a warning message (narration, maybe 4 options) to the attacker.
- If the user continues to attack it will send another warning from a different set of random narration options. 5 second cooldown
- If attacked a second time it will equip a diamond sword after a 10 tick delay and attack whoever is attacking the NPC
- If attacked a second time it will no longer heal the player and will not do the right click narration
- If attacker is >10 blocks away will use bow with flame enchantment instead
- If the NPC is attacked by the same user for more than 5 times the NPC will say "I warned you!" or something like that, and will do /lightning on the player for a flat 8 hearts of damage (if that's not possible then just the regular damage /lightning does)
- If no damage for 10 seconds will put weapon away and stay empty handed

- After 20 seconds resets and no longer targets the player (script ends)
- If the NPC dies the script also ends and it re-spawns without the weapon

For further info/clarification etc contact me in #hiring on the Denizen Discord or DM me. Thank you.

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