NPC Click Commands

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NPC Click Commands

Post by mcmonkey » March 1st, 2019, 8:42 am

A drop-in script that lets you add automatic command execution to NPCs when right-clicked!

Hastebin: <-- Most users, just click here and click "Download the script"

GitHub current version: ... ommand.dsc

This is a Denizen script! Denizen is a scripting engine that functions as a plugin for Spigot, and deeply integrates into Citizens to add a lot of extra features to your NPCs. Get Denizen on Spigot here: or learn more about Denizen here: ... nizen.html

# Installation:
# Just put the script in your scripts folder and reload.
# Usage:
# Select an NPC and use command "/npccommand"
# You can do:
# /npccommand - Display help info
# /npccommand off - Disables command running
# /npccommand set [command] - Sets the NPC to run a specific command
# /npccommand add [command] - Adds a command for the NPC to randomly execute
# You can prefix commands with "player:" to execute as the player, otherwise will execute as the server.
# Use prefix "op:" to execute the command as the player (with operator privileges).
# Add multiple commands to execute at the same time via " - "
# For example: /npccommand set player:summon lightning_bolt - say "shocking!" - player:summon bat
# You can use tags. For example: /npccommand add effect give <> speed
# Players can right-click the NPC at any time to have a command run.
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