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Jan 24, 2019

I had rejoined the Discord today after being banned for some time. After some discussion there, it was suggested that we continue the conversation here in the forums:

I've been obnoxious at some times and plain out some other uglier words at others; I think that just letting my actions speak for themselves would be better than any speech or promise but I still formally apologize here for the trouble that my bothersome attitudes brought to the community back then, and promise to not reenact those again.

About what had happened with Jay, I spoke of it in Discord already without sparing myself, really, a while ago. I was humbled by the experience, he was compensated, and by now probably doesn't even care. To this I promise not to take on work which I won't be able to complete, nor to deem refunds as something to think of lightly, if at all.

And I had already apologized to Warheit, as I had been particularly impolite to him at some point - my delivery wasn't the best, but I didn't want to make an awkward situation for stuff that happened years ago.

These are the main concerns of which I am aware: should you have others of which I might be not, I'd be happy to address them too.

I hope that you allow me to rejoin the community!

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Hi, we (the helper team) discussed this further and come to a mutual agreement to allow you to return, with a couple minor conditions.

1: You are not allowed to participate in the hiring section or channel, nor to be involved in paid scripting work connected to this community in any other way. This might or might not be renegotiable in the future after you've spent time back in the community.
2: It is expected that you will be doing your best to be a positive member of the community and avoid moderation issues. In other words: where most users tend to get away with breaking rules a couple times with just a "hey plis read rules thx", you will not be afforded the same leniency.