SCRIPTER (Scripter) Scripts from Zozer Firehood

The poster knows how to write Denizen scripts and wants to be paid to write scripts for your server.
Aug 6, 2016
If you want to hire me, my discord id is zozer_firehood#7723. Ping me in the scripting hire section in the Denizen Script and Citizens Discord.

You have a script idea? I can do it. Minigames, Fun commands, Game altering mechanics, Complex NPC quests, Ive done them before and can do them again for you!

I have worked with denizen for years and am fairly experienced.
Here you can see some examples of work ive done:
Auto-crafter with conveyor belts:
NPC merchants:
And all custom commands will come with a full tab complete features powered by

In terms of pricing, I would charge generally 15$ an hour however a flat rate can be negotiated. Time counts will be rounded up to the next hour (so 30 minutes counts as one hour for payment, not half an hour). Payment should be done though paypal.

I will provide lifetime support for bug fixes and version updates for free after the work is done. Requesting new features however will be charged normal rates.
For external plugins I can attempt to work around or with them, however I can not guarantee that I can fix any bug that results from external plugin conflicts.
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May 24, 2020
Really good scripter and service, every bug I found was fixed very quickly. Very nice to work with and very professional. Really goes above and beyond with his scripting could not recommend them enough.