Schematic NPC builder script V1.0


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Jun 13, 2024
Something I made for my sever Unipixel
Will make an NPC build a schematic. It will start at the bottom layer of the schematic and work its way up.
It server restart safe so the npc will pick up right where it left off till the build is done.

Denizen only supports up to sponge.2 format so you may need to convert your schematic if its sponge.3
Ill probably refine this script more as time goes on so check back later for updates.

Call the task:
build_request def:schematicName|pasteloc|npc_id|build_delay|finishfunction|finishvars1|finishvars2|npcstart
Example: - run build_request def:house.schem|<l@50,60,50,world>|35|3s|send_notice|house_request|0|<l@50,60,55,world>

Let me break the Definitions down.
schematicName - The name of the schematic located in plugins/denizen/schematics and you need to include the file extension as well, normally .schem
pasteloc - The denizen location tag for the center of the build.
npc_id - NPC ID, use /npc list in game to see the IDs, you can set line 10 to have a fallback NPC
build_delay - A denizen time delay, can set things like 1t, 3s, 5m, 1 day This will be the delay between block placements. I find 3-5 seconds is good.
finishfunction|finishvars1|finishvars2 - These are the function and definitions you wish to pass once the build is complete, set to 0 to skip.
npcstart - A denizen location tag of where the NPC should walk to after the build is done, if not supplies it will just walk to where it started from.

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