Race Bounty - NPC Guards


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Jun 8, 2019
Welcome one and all to the very first posting of the Bounty Program! Our first script is an NPC Guard shop. Please find the details below.


A script must meet the following baseline requirements to be considered satisfactory:
  • Generally, the script is an NPC Guard shop
  • The script allows server owners to create an NPC-driven shop
  • Players can use the shop to purchase at least one Guard NPC - a newly-created NPC, with the Sentinel trait, that is configured to guard the player against attacking mobs and/or players
  • The player must have the ability to interact with their guard at any time to give it orders: Stay, follow, despawn, spawn, passive, and aggressive - at a minimum
  • The server owner must have the ability to configure where the shop is (perhaps by spawning a shopkeep NPC and assigning it, but alternatives are welcome)
  • The server owner must have the ability to configure pricing (economy preferred, alternatives permitted)
  • The server owner must have the ability to configure how many NPCs a single player can purchase or receive
  • The server owner must have the ability to configure limitations on which respawn modes are permitted (permanent removal, respawn timer, etc
  • There must not be a risk of players bypassing or cheating using the system to become overpowered
  • There must not be any breaking bugs
  • The script must be completely drop-in ready, which means configuration must be done in an extremely simple data script (which must work even without being configured, i.e. must have sensible defaults)
Scripters may consider including the following additional features for quality consideration:
  • Whitelist function for certain players, entities, etc. to be considered friendly
  • Administrative tools to control, inspect, and manage existing guards
  • Any feature you can imagine!

This bounty is a Race Bounty, which means that the first satisfactory completion of the requirements will come with an additional reward. This is also a Repeatable Bounty, which means that all completions of the requirements will be rewarded.

Additionally, because the subject of this bounty is highly-requested and it is the intention of the Helper Team that this Bounty produce a drop-in ready script for use by the general public, there will be an additional upset reward for each script that significantly improves upon the prior best submission. This means that even if you are not the first successful submission, your script could still net rewards in addition to those available to all submissions.

The details for each reward term are as follows:

First successful completion: 50BP (total)
Upset reward: 20BP
Completion reward: 10BP

This means that the winner of the race will earn a total of 50BP, but a later submission that is of significantly higher quality could receive 30BP, and all submissions that are deemed to meet the requirements will earn 10BP.


Submissions should be posted on https://paste.denizenscript.com/ and linked on this thread. Submissions will be reviewed by the Helper Team (participating Helpers will be excluded from judging). The first submission that satisfies the objective baseline requirements and additional subjective Helper approval will receive the Race reward; additional submissions will be rewarded as is appropriate.

Satisfactory submissions must be posted to the forum Resources section once approved in order to receive BP.
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Oct 15, 2020
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