Keep the Braces!


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Aug 6, 2016
7. The if x { ... } notation is now if x:, same for loop commands and anything else that used braces.
Why do u want to remove all braces in Denizen2?

The Braces perfectly shows, where an if-Function starts, and ends, also for the other Functions. The double points arent showing it as good as the braces in my opinion. If u have a bigger Function who's longer than just 10 Lines, you cant just set the Mouse behind the braces and see where the function ends.

Since more than a year, the braces were in use in Denizenscripts, and now u want to eliminate them instantly? :cry:
Wouldnt it be a compromise, if u add the double point notations, and keep the braces? D:


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We don't like the braced system from Denizen1 because it is absolutely horrid internally.


Due to much feedback from you here and others on IRC,
I have looked for and today found a way to make it work anyway, using preparser code.

View commit here:

As of latest commit, Denizen2 for the most part supports {braced} syntax.

Thanks for your feedback!