HIRING Item that can remove enchantments

The poster owns a server and wants to hire a Denizen scripter.


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Sep 18, 2021
Hi, I'm Azorias. I'm looking for a single denizen script for my server.

My discord id is Azorias#8819

Script Details:
I'm making an orb that, when clicked on an enchanted item in the players inventory, it will consume the orb to remove any enchantments on the clicked item.
Since I have some custom enchantments on my server, I also need to modify the items lore.

All the custom enchantments start with the ★ symbol in the lore, so just remove any lines that start with that, also.

Here is the work in progress script. I think its close to being done, but I couldnt figure out the lore part and I want to get back to working on the other stuff that i'm actually not terrible at. The top half of the script should be working fine.

If you are interested, contact me on discord as I do not read the forums.
Payment will be through paypal, we can discuss in DMS. I'm thinking around 5-10usd since this is probably a 2-5 minute job for someone that knows that theyre doing.