HIRING [Hiring] Scripters to create dungeon mechanics

The poster owns a server and wants to hire a Denizen scripter.


Dec 14, 2018
Hey folks!

Our plate is getting full and us 3 around-the-clock scripters can't keep up with everything we want to create!

I am hiring multiple scripters to work on simple dungeon mechanics similar to the ones seen in
(this is my server).

We want to expand our dungeon offerings extensively, and as for this hiring request, each person hired will work with our builder team and our developer team to create their own dungeon! Hirees will also have the option of sticking around as a volunteer developer on my server, if they wish.

I am offering $50 per hiree for their first completed dungeon. You will only have to work on scripted portions of the dungeon, and builders will let you know what they need scripted. You will also be able to pull from existing dungeon mechanics and scripts when planning yours out. The work will generally be determined on a case-by-case basis, and you will sit in with our staff to iron out details and needs. If the work is too complex, I am willing to raise the $50 to accommodate for your valuable time and effort.

Ideally, I'd like 4-5 scripters to hop in and be working on separate dungeons simultaneously. And hopefully some of you decide to stick around as volunteer developer staff! You will be working with me, DCaff95, and greenleeuw - you have probably seen those two popping into the discord every now and then. Work will be done and submitted via GitHub.

Please shoot me a message on Discord if you are interested, Mergu#0001.
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