Discord unban request


New member
Nov 1, 2023
Hello, i am writing this to apply a unban request from the denizen discord server

I got banned for 2 years in my main account with the reason of being owner of cracked server, concealing logs and alting to avoid the detection on 2 accounts

My intention was not to conceal logs,
Actually when someone told me that i will not get support if i had a cracked server, thats why i set my server to online, to get support from denizen support team

And i do not try to avoid detection of my alts, i already mentioned my account in the denizen forum post, and the other account that was mentioned, that was an old account of mine, which i dont have access now

My intension was not to break any rules, even if any rules got broken by me intentionally or unintentionally, i am extremely sorry for that

Discord: udoyy

my english is not so good, please pardon my mistakes