Development of Jojo script (Help)


Nov 10, 2019
I'm a big fan of Jojo, it's a good anime and I really like the stands.
I want to recreate stands in Minecraft and I want to use Denizen for it, but I don't know the way of doing it technically. The stand rules are the following, simplified and for the sake of developing this script:
1. Stands can only be seen by people that have stands.
2. Stands can only be touched by stands, but stands can touch people, stand users or not. Stands can also interact with items and objects.
3. Object/Item stands can be seen by people that don't have stands, too.
4. If a stand takes damage, the user takes damage in the proportion of the stand durability/resistance and the user. This means that if a very resistant stand with iron gets damaged by 4 and it has 40 hp, the user will take 2. The same happens the other way around.
5. Stands move accordingly to their user's orders.

The stands move alongside the user, behind them, next to them, in front... Depending on if they are attacking or whatever.
Stands also have range, this means some like Star Platinum can only attack people next to the user, but Hierophant Green can attack people standing 20 meters from their user. The further from the user the stands are, the weaker they are.

I don't have a big idea of how I'm going to code all of this, only how the stand could be a zombie with a name and armor hovering next to the player and getting next to ones that are going to be attacked, but I don't know how I am going to make the zombie dynamically visible to people with a stand (Just a flag) or the orders. Any help?


New member
Dec 2, 2021
if i were you i would look into blockbench and a resource pack using custom model data stands would then basically be hats but you should be able to display them where ever you want on the player