Banned from discord for quitting and rejoin


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Sep 29, 2021
First time i got banned for saying the moderators weren't helpful and for some rudeness, maybe for a middle year, i accomplish the sentence and later when i rejoined i can not speak, like muted, i understand. in that time i only wanted to see throught the chat (sometimes my questions is already answered) but got kicked past some hours, and so, but now i can not enter anymore.

But now i need some help with my server that is lossing some tps, i need to know how many time i need to wait for the unban and/or what i need to do for appeal.

edit: i forgot my discord id
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You were given an opportunity to appeal, and explicitly chose to refuse, and therefore were tempbanned for 6 months.

After than tempban ended, you were given an opportunity to rejoin and appeal... which you instead said nothing and just left and rejoined multiple times in a row, which lead to the new tempban of again 6 months.
I can remove the new tempban, but if/when you rejoin you have to appeal in #incident-handling (ie apologize for the behavior that led to your initial ban, and promise to not repeat it)
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