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    dDiscordbot Issues

    I am having a hard time to get my Discordbot back online. Everytime I start up the Server the bot will not connect and errorlog shows me this (besides of many script errors, because Bot is not connected) What I tried so far: Updated to: dDiscordBot-0.6-b100.jar Denizen-1.1.6-b5048-DEV.jar...
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    Merry Christmas 2019 and Happy New Year 2020

    We wish you a merry Christmas, we wisch you a merry Christmas, we wisch you a merry Christmas, and a happy new Year!!!!! Best wishes to the whole Denizencommunity and thank you Monkey for building this community with your great plugin!!!!! =) =) =) =)
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    Some Problems with 1.15

    Thank you for updating to 1.15 so fast. It took me 6 hours after release to update to 1.15 =) But: Some issues are there: First is on startup with newest Devbuild: Next Problem is: wait command stops script. It is almost like stop command or something. Debug says that it will wait and...
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    Log Off NPC

    I read a forum post on where someone searched for a plugin to spawn a NPC if a player logs out. I decided to give it a try in Denizen and here is the result. Feel free to tell me Bugs or Suggestions. This Script requires Citizens to work and will do nothing if you haven't installed...
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    Clarify some YAML related things please

    I recently bumped into some Questions, which might be handy for further readers: This tells me: But if I do something like this: - yaml id:tablist_config set tablist.header.text:Zeile1 - yaml id:tablist_config set tablist.header.text[2]:Zeile2 A yml file is created, where Zeile1 is...
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    <player.item_in_hand.worth> does not work anymore?

    I ran in a strange problem the last days. If I do /ex narrate <player.item_in_hand> it works. But /ex narrate <player.item_in_hand.worth> throws an exception I will show in the spoiler. I have latest Spigot Version. It was builded on 29.01.2019 - 8:00 a.m. GMT+1 I am using Depenizen...
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    This is a script to catch mobs with a snowball. Just insert into scriptsfolder, grab a snowball and throw it on a mob. If you are op you are not charged money but a spawnegg will also not be dropped. mobcatcher: type: world debug: false mobinject: - if <> >=...
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    Workbench Inventory not working in 1.12.2 ?

    I searched a lot and I figured this might also help others: I wrote a script for a help menu which provides useful information about the custom aspects of my server. One menu is the customitems section which I provided with scripts like: rezept_kette: type: inventory debug: true...