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    dTodo List

    An ingame to-do list to track all the tasks that have to be done in your server. Denizen Repo: GitHub: Usage: - /dtodo add <task name> for adding a task to your list, - /dtodo check...
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    #crowfunding - buying mcmonkey a ass-booster so he can speed up d2

    Heyyy people, I was thinking about a crowfunding to buy an ass-booster so mcmonkey can speed up the dev of D2. Is there someone who want to participate?
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    Menus: the GUIs are redundant. Searching an idea!

    Hey people, Today I want to talk about thoses GUIs (Graphical User Interface, a.k.a Inventory Menus). I don't know if it's just me who do them in an ugly way, but I feel like they are cool at first, but after a while they are a little redundant. I'm searching ideas on how to face that...