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    wanderer bob

    instructions: 1:assign the script to your npc. 2:say [anchor] to him to get the anchor tool. 3:once you have the tool click to set the anchor. 4:go up to the npc and type radius. 5:type in a number for the radius. now your npc should start wandering. enjoy [code] wander: type: assignment...
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    Taco Bell (need we say more?)

    items in this version include:Ghost_pepper_burrito, volcano_taco, burrito_supreme, crunchy_taco, and mountain_dew give yourself any item in game via /ex give i@item_name_here_from_list_above This script was made by calico-kid & mcmonkey poop_world: type: world events: on...
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    Rideable bull mount that rams entities and sends them flying

    flag yourself or players with "bullmount" to get access to the bull summon him by typing "summon_bull" in the chat in game Enjoy in case you want a link "bullmount": type: world debug: false events: on player chats: - if...