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Color Markup 1.0.1

Denizen Version
Add color to your chat messages! Comes prepackaged with three colors with three identifiers, *yellow*, ((blue)) and [gold]! The coloring system uses a stack setup, which means that you can have one color start, then another, then when you end the second color, it'll reset back to the first! No more needing to do
, simply do
and it will "reset" back to it's previous color. The procedure powerhouse should work with any messages, even pre colored ones, as it will automatically determine the first existing color of the text and add that to the stack. If your message comes with multiple colors, only the first one will be taken into account, unfortunately.

While I put a good amount of work into this to avoid edge cases, and weird behaviour when the script is running, there may be things I missed. Please send me a message on Discord @jumpsplat120#0001 if you find any issues at all.

To configure, you can go into the world script, add a new map that follows the formats of the previous three maps, then add it to the map in the context. The proc.context map is numerically indexed, to make it easier to pass into a procedure.

This script was commissioned by @_Niklas#4810! Thanks Niklas!
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