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    Hit detection of the shoot command with item_projectile

    Hey mcmonkey, it seems like the hit detection of "item_projectile" is somehow messed up. I am using the latest 1.11 dev builds. the command is: - shoot ITEM_PROJECTILE[item=magma_cream] origin:<player.location.add[0,1.1,0]> speed:3 script:P30Damage spread:0 the P30Damage script just says...
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    <context.damager> broken with "on npc dies"

    The tag <context.damager> always resturns empty when you kill NPCs and check for the damager in "on NPC dies" events.
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    Using the lingering potion effect with playeffect

    Hey there, is there a way to use the lingering potion effect and choose it's color with the playeffect command? Is there somewhere a complete particle list that is kind of more usefull than the one we can get here This list is...
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    Getting rid of gray text on records

    Hey, I am trying to get rid of the gray text on records like "c418 - ward" because I use them as different items. This does not have an effect [email protected]_10[[email protected]_ATTRIBUTES] maybe because it is not an attribute I guess. But where do I get the correct flag from?
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    ITEM_PROJECTILE[item=magma_cream] does not work anymore

    I updated on the latest dev build and now my weapons won#t work anymore. They use the shoot command with the item_projectile option. See the debug: [17:13:52 INFO]: Goma_Terzu issued server command: /ex shoot ITEM_PROJECTILE[item=magma_cream] origin:<player> speed:4 spread:0 [17:13:52 INFO]...
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    Error while player is connecting

    I get this error while a player is connecting. It can be solved by deleting the player.dat file. But what is the reson for the error in the first place. Any idea?
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    No crafting possibly after cancelled event

    When you cancel a crafting event once you can't craft anything else after that until you restart the whole server "Blockitemcraftevent": type: world debug: false events: On diamond_boots crafted: - determine cancelled Try this and then try to craft anything else. It will be also...
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    flag a player in "right clicks npc" event

    Maybe I went full retard here, but suddenly using a flag on a player in the right click event does not seem to work anymore "OneandonlyNPCrightClickEvent": type: world debug: true events: on player right clicks npc: - flag player NPCID:<context.entity> - narrate...
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    custom items with potions issue

    Create this item Molotowcocktail: type: item material: 373,12 display name: '<green>Molotowcocktail' lore: - <blue>Sehr einfacher, improvisierter - <blue>Brandsatz gegen Zombies und mehr... - <gold> - <red>Setzt ein kleines Gebiet in Brand. - <gold> - <yellow>Linksklick...
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    click types in creative inventorys

    I tried to create a script where I can use the middle click on an item in an creative inventory. On player clicks MoneyItem in inventory: - announce "<> <context.action>" This event won't fire in creative inventorys but in survival inventorys it works fine. So...