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    Automatic Door Closer

    Easiest way would be to add a _ in *door to make it *_door
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    Freeze Script

    This is a little task script that can be run to freeze a player in place seamlessly. Please check the commented lines to make sure you're not accidentally disabling flight for players that should have flight permissions. NOTE: This script will allow frozen players the freedom to rotate their...
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    Automatic Door Closer

    Done. Also added a fix for a compatibility issue with my Decorator Tool script.
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    Decorator Tool

    This script is for developers who like to use interactable blocks in their builds but don't want players to utilize them for their intended purpose. For example, maybe you are using vertical trapdoors as a fence line, or you want a strictly cosmetic chest or anvil or enchanting table? Or maybe...
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    Automatic Door Closer

    Were you born in a barn? If so, please do not download this script. This is a simple little script that automatically closes doors when you walk away and, like a heathen, forget to close them. Haste Link: (Or click the spoiler for the script.)
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    This is a user-friendly command I created so server developers can place floating text and characters in the game world. The command is fully documented with help functions. Suggestions and constructive criticism welcome. Give it a try!